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Tower Telecom Technology Solutions: TTS Services

Upon request, TTS Marketing will prepare a tailored service offer, including price estimates. And following is a description of the different Operation Services TTS is providing:

· Network Design:

Our consultants offer a full set of services including a full range of services starting from license application, Procurement, Radio Network Planning, Rollout, Audits and optimization. Through our co-operation with Optimi the leading RF optimization group in North America, we can offer a wide range, state of the art, consultancy services based on the latest technology among major Global operators. Please ask for special presentations in the desired areas.

· Installation Engineering Services:

Installation Engineering Services provide full consultation on the design and layout of new equipment installations, as well as extensions of existing equipment. Experienced TTS engineers will collect all relevant data when a new installation, or extension, is being planned. They can advise on the requirements for space, building structures, environmental controls and efficient layout of new switch, transmission, outside plant, Networking & RBS/MW installations.

When an extension to an existing installation is being planned, TTSís engineers can advise on the best ways to implement it, taking into account factors such as spare positions in existing cabinets, spare positions in main distribution frames and digital distribution frames, additional power requirements, etc.

The service is provided on a consultation basis, and reports, including layouts produced using CAD tools, are presented as the result.

· Installation Services:

Installation Services cover the construction of new switch, transmission, outside plant, Networking & RBS/MW equipment, and extension of live equipment, reallocation and reinstallation of existing equipment, power, cooling & fire alarm and the dismantling of obsolete equipment.

The grade of service can be tailored precisely to complement the clientís own personnel, skills and resources. TTS can provide anything from complete turnkey installations, including Civil Work, to an audit and certification of the customers own installation activities.

· System Integration Services:

The System Integration Department is responsible for Hardware testing and integration of Networking, PSTN and GSM exchanges according to the customerís procedures. SI is also responsible to expand these product lines based on the customerís configuration. TTS can provide turnkey testing and full supervision.

· Data Transcript Services:

Data Transcript services can be provided for new as well as expansions, the network is reconfigured or a new application system is installed on an existing exchange, requiring extensive changes to the exchange data.

Experienced personnel will collect, compile and input exchange data, normally using customerís PC-based Data Transcript Support System (DTSS). This system includes built-in verification facilities to ensure a high quality database with minimal errors.
With this service, customers are assured of fast and accurate compilation of data for new exchanges, enabling rapid provision of end-user services, fast and accurate network reconfiguration, within minimal disruption of end-user services.
TTS can provide DT services based on Turnkey, Consultation Basis or Customer Specific On-The-Job-Training.

· Implementation Project Management Services:

The IPM prepares time plans, schedules resources, reports progress and communicates all issues regarding the implementation with the customer.

The Implementation Project Manager (IPM) is the direct contact with the Customer Project Management organization.

· QASIP Services:

The QASIP department provides various audits in order to improve the installation process. QASIP is means of detecting faults in installation work caused by defective tools and material, faulty methods and mistakes made by personnel.

Each installation sub-process is audited in relation to different work processes. The audit process ensures that these activities are carried out according to current instructions, regulations and installation practices.

Our QASIP department can provide quality awareness training to customers' installation personnel.

· Other Services:

Special Events and Conferences requirements: · Internet Network Implementation · Leased Line Services · ADSL Services · ISDN Services · Video Conference Services · Leased Instruments.

Support and implementation of PDN/ISP Systems.

Telecommunication consultants for any type of services and projects. (visible studies).

Voice over IP (VoIP) System: A technology that allows voice traffic (for example, telephone calls and faxes) to be transmitted over an IP network, such as the public internet. Using VoIP and, usually, a broadband internet connection (cable modem or DSL), it is possible to use a broad range of equipment to make telephone calls over the net. An intermediary (either hardware or software) is needed to translate back and forth between an analog stream (ie: your voice). Learn more.

PRONTO Networks: A complete billing system for wired and wireless internet connectivity enabling you to become your own Wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider). PRONTO is fully integrated with Fidelio which makes it an ideal choice for hotels, cafes, ISPs and facilities with landscape areas. Learn more.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network): TTS offers complete WLAN solutions, connecting your Network to the internet using world class wireless products such as Trapeze, Cisco and D-link. Learn more.

Software Solutions: TTS provides your business with mobility solutions utilizing the latest in technology. Our products include POS systems (Point of Sale) & warehouse systems for retail stores, Shareholders System for public shareholder companies, Enterprise Resource Planning system ERP which include accounting and warehouse systems, time attendance system and human resources systems.

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