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Tower Telecom Technology Solutions: Company Profile

Tower Telecom Technology Solutions (TTS) is a Texas, USA company operating in the Middle East with offices in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iraq (UIC United Iraq Corporation). TTS, as an equipment and services supplier, offers professional services and solutions for Telecommunication Datacom business in the region.

TTS has a clear vision of its mission, which is to become a global company respected and valued for:

· Being known as the partner of choice to its customers.
· Exceeding its customer's expectations.
· Delivering high quality products and services at low cost.
· Its flexibility.
· Its highly motivated workforce.

To exceed the expectations of our customers and to fulfill different requirements, three levels of services are being offered:

· Turnkey Implementation

For new customers, new products, and demonstration and customer specific implementation training. TTS engineers will perform all tasks from unpacking of the products, installing, testing and commissioning to hand-over of fully functioning system to the customer.

· Full Supervision

For experienced customers with their own implementation departments and for established product. TTS engineers will advise customers' personnel on-site during implementation to ensure product specific procedures are being followed and quality standards are met.

· Consultation Services

For very experienced customers with a proven record for implementation quality and for highly integrated products. TTS engineers provide ITAC support during implementation and perform quality audits and site acceptance.

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